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May 7 2020

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May 7 2020

8:09 am


The CHS Quarterly Exam will be administered in Schoology on May 15th

It will be a 45 minutes open notes DBQ with 5 minutes to plan and 40 minutes to write.

I will post potential topics/themes on Monday, May 11th




Review ExercisesDownload/print the United States History Thematic Review document and complete the contextualization exercises for each theme. There is nothing to create and post, this exercise is an opportunity for you to organize the events thematically and contextually. There is a PDF of this document posted in Schoology as well.


Google Sheets: Take a quick tour of the REVIEW DOCUMENT I put together in Google Sheets. It gives the start/end points of each time period we studied as well as links to the class notes. The CHS Quarterly Exam (May 15th) will be open notes, so becoming familiar with the document will be in your best interest.


I am continuing to build new content into this document, so check back for updates throughout the week.



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