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Procedural Announcements

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March 16th 2020

7:30 am


If you are interested,  take a look at this video shared with the staff from Mrs. Perrone. It showcases the importance of focusing on what we can control.  Worth the 10 minutes. 


Although we are exploring some untrodden ground in terms of content delivery, the essential resources will remain constant.  All class links and resources can be found on our class web page or in Schoology.   Go there regularly for instructions and expectations regarding daily content and required tasks. I will be using a variety of assessment models, all digital, drawn from the tools sanctioned by Ballston Spa CSD. Stay tuned.


Moving forward, all content for the week will be posted by Monday at 8:00 am. All assignments will be due by Friday at 11:59 pm, unless otherwise noted. The course will be self paced, so feel free to submit your work at any time between Monday and Friday. 


All note packets were handed out in class Friday. If you didn't a copy or stop by an pick them up, your can download them below or in Schoology.

You will be expected to read and generate notes for each of the following Modules. 


CHS Period #8 is the only class that did not meet on Friday, March 13th. You will not be taking the Time Period #7a writing assessment.  Your first task will be to generate notes on American Foreign Policy review on page #2 of the Module B packet.



Time Period #7 Module B - American in World War I (Salmon cover page)

Time Period #7 Module C - The Roaring Twenties (Yellow cover page)

Time Period #7 Module C - The Great Depression  (Blue cover page)



You can also download a copy of the Time Period #7 [1890-1945] here



I will also be adding a digital and/or audio component to my content delivery toolbox. This will take the form of audio podcasts of digital screen casts - stay tuned. 


This unprecedented turn of events allows both students and teachers to find news ways to take ownership of the creation and consumption of course material. That is not only for our course, but all the courses you are currently taking. Be diligent and disciplined in your approach and feel free to contact me at anytime with questions or concerns.


Stay Safe, 

Mr. H


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