The Progressive Movement



March 6th 


Notes: Origins of the Progressive Movement


Task #1 Read and complete notes for Creating a Culture of Reform during Progressive Movement [1870-1920] 

Includes background on Who were the Progressives?; The THREE main strands of the Progressivism; as well as the targets of Progressivism; and the Geography of Progressivism - key individuals working to improve conditions in Urban American.


Be sure to make note of earlier Antebellum Reforms from the 1840s and 1850s


Task #2 Read Why did the Progressive movement happen in the 1890’s?

This note sheet will provide the historical context for the timing of the  Progressive Movement, noting why early reform attempts failed...…Populists were dominated by a single monetary issue bimetallism. State government railroad reforms were shot down by Supreme Court (remember Munn and Wabash cases?)


Task #3 Read and complete notes on  Muckrakers: Exposing Scandal and Inspiring Reform


Task #4 Please complete the Castle Learning Quiz "Progressive Intro" based on Tasks #1-3. This Quiz will close at 11:59 on Friday, March 6th