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early stages of Reconstruction

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Malice Toward None and Charity for All?  - Early Reconstruction Battles
Emancipated slaves' quest for economic autonomy and equal citizenship shape the political agenda of Reconstruction despite being undermined by a defiant Southern coalition determined to protect their own privilege.


Who is in charge of Reconstruction?

What will be the fate of the conquered South?

Presidential Reconstruction|10% Plan vs. Congressional Reconstruction|The Wade Davis Bill [July 1864]

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln| April 14, 1865


The Freedmen's Bureau and Early Reconstruction Policy
The Freedmen's Bureau was an extraordinary agency established by Congress in 1865, charged with the mandate to change the southern racial "status quo" in education, civil rights, and labor, the playing a crucial role in the implementation of early Reconstruction policy.

The Freedmen’s Bureau

Marshall Harvey Twitchell




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