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Thanksgiving Break Assignment

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#1 Taking another shot at the Time Period #4 Module B online test

There will be no half credit for second attempt; Closes Wednesday, November 27 at 11:59

#2 SAQ Omit Opportunity (2 Omits)


View Video on the Marshall Court (for Marshall Court SAQ)





View Video on the Marshall Court (for John Calhoun/Internal Improvements SAQ)



For 2 omits

Provide a 50-75 word summary of the podcast, article or video.

Provide 3-5 facts or anecdotes drawn from content


Upload to Schoology by Sunday December 1, 2019



#3 Review notes on The Invisible War;  The Defense of Slavery 



#4 Read and generate notes on The Erie Canal and the birth of American religion 



Modified SAQ Assessment (15 minutes) during Class #43, Monday, December 2, 2019










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