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Supplemental Readings

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Spring Semester Supplemental Readings

Advanced Placement and CHS American History





Class #88

Woodrow Wilson: Realist or Idealist?


Class #86

The Treaty of Versailles – Senate Debate and Defeat


Class #85

Homefront Civil Liberties


Class #84

Homefront Mobilization


Class #83

The War to End War 


Class #80

State and National Progressivism


Class #76

Americas First Iraq


Class #75

The Spanish-American War: Manifest Destiny Goes Abroad 



Class #73

The Populist Party



Class #72

The Garfield Assassination



Class #70

The Gilded Age’s Crisis of Immigration


The New Immigrants



Class #69

Capital District 1900


Class #68

In Unions there is Strength


The Great Strike of 1877


Class #67

Blessed Barons


Class #65

Clash of Cultures


Class #62

Grant, Reconstruction and the KKK


The Colfax MassacreApril 1873


Omit:The Bloody Shirt Elects Grant


Class #60

Andrew Johnson’s Impeachment and the Legacy of the Civil War




Fall Semester Supplemental Readings

Advanced Placement and CHS American History


Spring Readings Incubator













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