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Document Analysis

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Document Analysis for College Level History courses


For each document you analyze, being able to identify each of the following components will prepare you for earning the Analysis and Reasoning points on the on your DBQ. 



a. When and where was the source produced?

b. What contemporaneous (same time period) event might have affected the author’s viewpoint and/or message?

c. How does the context affect the reliability of a source?



a. What was the author’s point of view?

b. Does the author’s point of view undermine the explicit purpose of the source?

c. How can you tell, if you can tell, what other beliefs the author might hold?



a. Why did the author create the source?

b. Why was the document created at this time?

c. Why has it survived to the present?

d. How does its purpose affect its reliability or usefulness?



a. Who was the source created for?

b. How might the audience have affected the content of the source?

c. How might the audience have affected the reliability of the source?




a. Provide an example or additional piece of specific evidence beyond those found in the documents to support or qualify the argument. 







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