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Focused Inquiry - The Progressive Movement

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Google Docs Progressive Report Card

Make a copy of this file on your Google Drive and rename it: Your Initials + Progressive Report Card
REH Progressive Report Card





Directions: Using the support links below and your knowledge of American History construct and through and thoughtful response for the following tasks





Support Links for Task #1 Historical Context 


Creating a Culture of Reform during Progressive Movement [1870-1920] 

America’s transformation into a diverse, urban, affluent was accompanied by extraordinary public-spiritedness as reformers--frightened by class conflict and the breakdown of gender relations  embarked on a crusade to remake other Americans in their own image. 


Origins of the Progressive Movement 


The Muckrakers



Support Links for Task #2-3 


Progressives in Government 

 Progressives and “muckraker” writers attacked city corruption, corporate greed, poor living and working conditions, alcohol, and women’s right to vote. Each of these ills saw laws and/or Amendments passed to attempt to better the condition.


Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal

During a tumultuous time when the nation was coming unseamed and reform was in the airTheodore Roosevelt pushes the government to  shed its laissez-faire attitude toward robber barons, corrupt politicians, and corporate exploiters of our natural resources


President William Howard Taft   
The only man to serve as president and chief justice, who approached every decision in constitutional terms,  defending the Founders’ vision against new populist threats to American democracy


Support Links for Tasks #4 and #5

Support Links for Task #4 

With Courage and Cloth: Suffrage Battles in the Progressive Era [1890-1917]

Women's suffrage movement, exposing grit, fiery determination, and radical tactics. as a new group of young women emerged splitting split into two camps


Support Links for Task #5 

Blood at the Root: Race, Reaction and Reform in  Progressive Era [1890 – 1917]
Recognizing race was the primary blind spot of the Progressive Movement whites inflicted ruthless brutality and violence when legal discrimination did not sufficiently subordinate blacks.


After you have complete all five tasks, please share the file with me : rhengsteman@bscsd.org
















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