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The Omaha Platform

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Omaha Platform of 1892 

In 1890, farmers elected 5 United States senators, 6 governors, and 46 congressmen. Encouraged by this electoral success, farmers again set their sights on a national coalition. The three major farmers' organizations held a convention in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1892. Six principal demands emerged from this meeting:

  1. A permanent union of all working classes
  2. Wealth for the workers
  3. Government ownership of railroads
  4. Government ownership of all communications systems
  5. More flexible and fair distribution of the national currency
  6. No more ownership of land by those who do not actually use it

As it turned out, the Populists' less radical demands, such as their call for a secret ballot, a graduated income tax, and the direct election of Senators, became law within twenty years.



Highlights of the Omaha Platform 



American Farmers want a piece of the P.I.E


P... Public ownership of railroads and utilities


I..... Income tax


E.... Expanded money supply 



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