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February Break 2019

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Independent Study Module C [1865-1900]


From Bloody Shirt to Full Dinner Pail: Politics in the Gilded Age [1876 to 1896]

In the wake of civil war, American politics were racially charged and intensely sectionalist, but by the close of the century a burgeoning industrial development shifts the political agenda to pocketbook concerns—the tariff, monetary policy, business regulation.


NOTES on PAGE #3 Party Politics in the Gilded Age


NOTES on PAGE #4 and #5  Issues in Congress during the Gilded Age

The story of interests and concerns percolating to the surface


Compete Notes on Page #6  Raise Less Corn and More Hell  - The Rise of Populism 

focusing on "Problems Facing American Farmers" in the right column of page #6


REVIEW NOTES on PAGE #7 "The Farmers Unite" focusing on key Court victories Munn and Wabash


Complete Notes:  Highlights of The Omaha Platform in the right column on page #9 




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