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A Magnificent Catastrophe: The Tumultuous Election of 1800
bitterly contested election utilizes a constitutional remedy to usher in a peaceful transfer of power. 


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"The Democratic -Republicans were the first to learn that it is far easier 

to condemn from the stump than to govern consistently."


The Jeffersonian Re-Set


Reduce military spending 


End the Alien and Sedition Acts 


Sale of Western Lands (pleased frontier farmers)


Eliminate excise taxes  (pleased frontier farmers)


Target Tariffs (pleased his Southern base)



Although he opposed the creation of the national bank, Jefferson accepted it as a essential convenience.


Although he was an ardent support of the French Revolution, Jefferson continued Washington's policy of remaining neutral and avoiding foreign wars


In 1807, Jefferson persuaded Congress to pass the Embargo Act, drawing upon Hamilton's doctrine of implied powers by claiming the government's power to regulate commerce could be used to justify an Embargo. 



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