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Thesis Statement on Origins of Slavery

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On line college textbook available on our Schoology class site




American Pageant Text support (CHS version in available on-line)  Chapter #2 The Planting of English America 1500-1733 (pages 25 to 42); Chapter #4 American Life in the Seventeenth Century, 1607-1692 (pages 66 to 76)



Prompt: How did economic, geographic, and social factors encourage the growth of slavery as an important part of the economy of the southern colonies between 1607 and 1775?



The THESIS should be the final sentence of your opening paragraph. The opening PARAGRAPH should have three identifiable elements:



Element #1: Set the Historical Context

This should be to 2-3 sentences setting the historical context for the essay prompt



Element  #2:  State Claim/Argument

This element should tell the reader what your argument or claim that you will present or prove. 



Element #3: Organized your Categories [SPECIFIC EVIDENCE]

This element should organize your evidence and forecasting what the essay will be focusing on



Be sure to make your C.A.S.E in your thesis statement 


C  - Establish the historical CONTEXT


A -  State youARGUMENT 


S -  Organize SPECIFIC





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