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Introductions and course expectations

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Welcome to CHS American History with Mr. Hengsterman

 HIST 227   SUNY Schenectady 
An alternative pathway through 11R US History and Government [Regents]; 

Same content as AP Unites States History (less writing intensive, No national exam in May)



1. Hopefully you are taking the course for the right reasons.

2. It is about the journey, not the destination.

3. The pace is fast, but the course work is predictable and manageable.

4. The summer assignment is an excellent indicator of student performance.

5. I create opportunities for success – take them!!!




Class is simple, but not easy 
Web Support/ Text Service/Omit Opportunities 



Summer Assignment,  Quotable Tyson
Exposure to web page, notes podcasts, dialectical journals 

Discipline and Deadlines
Who are the stars? Who are  slackers? 




We are talking about practice,  SW SW SW

Every assignment, activity or assessment is designed with a specific purpose in mind


Administered as part of the learning process in order to modify teaching and 
learning activities to improve content and skill mastery


Strive for Five Quizzes (5 minutes)
SAQ/Modified SAQ (12-15 minutes)
Focused Inquiry  Document Analysis (15-20 minutes)
Thesis Writing (in class and online)

Take Home Tests (on-line)

College Board Skill Mastery (on-line)

Module Test (20-30 minutes)

TBA Assessments/Activities 



Administered to evaluate student learning at the end of an instructional unit 
by comparing against 
some instructional benchmark

 Quarterly Exams (November, 2019  January 2020  and March 2020)
55 SBMC and DBQ Essay (2 hours)

LEQ Essay


No boring classes. Only boring students.

It's about the questions, not the answers 


Heroes from History 












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